Investing for Yourself


Start investing up to £20,000 every tax year in a stocks and shares ISA. We’re one of the very few providers who offer a With-profits ISA - and we’ll also help you to save for the next generation with our Junior ISAs too.

ISAs are a great way to invest for the future without paying tax on the return you get from your investment. You’ll need to be a UK resident and over 18 to invest in one of our stocks and shares ISAs - but we also have Junior ISAs available for kids who don’t have a Child Trust Fund.

Investment Bond

Our Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond is an affordable way to invest - you only need £500 to start out. It’s a great way to invest in stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits, while smoothing the investment return you receive.

The low minimum investment in the Healthy Investment Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond makes it a real alternative to bank or building society accounts if you’re looking for a longer term investment. You can invest up to £250,000 if you’re investing in one name, while the maximum investment for bonds in joint names is £500,000.


Adult Savings Plans

If an ISA isn’t for you, or you have used up your limit, then our ethical savings plans offer a great alternative. Each offers their own tax advantages - we offer a Tax Exempt Savings Plan, a Standard Savings Plan and a Tax Exempt Savings Plan (without life cover).

These Tax Exempt Savings Plans are unique to friendly societies and offer a guaranteed minimum cash sum when they mature (as long as all of the contributions have been paid).

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