Coventry Assurance

Now a part of the Healthy Investment family

If you’re a former member of Coventry Assurance, then you’ll know that your membership and your policies were transferred over to Healthy Investment in 2011.

This included funeral benefit, endowment savings plan members and members with Unison Unibond policies.

It means you’re now a full voting member of Healthy Investment and will receive an invitation to our Annual General Meeting – it’s your chance to vote on important issues, including the appointment of Directors.

Coventry Assurance Products

We keep all of the assets and liabilities of Coventry Assurance in a separate ‘ring fenced’ fund.
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Unibond Tax Exempt Savings Plan

These 15 year savings plans have a Savings Fund Guarantee which is the minimum you are guaranteed to receive when the policy matures. It also includes a 10 year option to cash in the policy when you will receive a guaranteed payout equal to what you would have received had you taken out a 10 year savings plan.
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Endowment Savings Plan

These traditional endowment savings plans include Tax Exempt and Standard Savings Plans. They have a guaranteed sum assured which is the minimum you will receive when the policy matures providing all of the contributions have been paid. You may also receive a bonus to increase the payout you receive when the policy matures.

Funeral Benefit Plan

These historic whole of life policies pay out £50 when the policyholder dies. All of the policies we hold no longer have to pay any premiums although your benefit is guaranteed regardless of age. If you think you have held a Coventry Assurance policy in the past please contact us to check if you are still entitled to a payout.

Ring Fenced Fund

You can find out more about how we invest the Coventry Assurance Ring Fenced Fund on Our Investment Funds page.

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