For many of us water is just something that is there all the time. We simply turn on a tap and there it is, unlimited in quantity, hygienic enough to drink, available to everyone at any time.

We expect our supply of water to be always available on demand and sometimes, as result of this expectation, we can be quite wasteful in how we use it. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world a freely available water supply for cooking, sanitation or hygiene isn’t always the case.

Water is not an unlimited resource; its availability differs widely throughout the world. World Water Week aims to educate people to recognise the importance of good water governance, to value water as a commodity, to educate people and increase their awareness of the challenges experienced by certain nations as regards water usage and availability.

World Water Week seeks to strengthen water governance for a more just, prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Chief Executive Peter Green commented; “Healthy Investment fully endorse and support the principles behind World Water Week. By educating people towards a wiser use of water and encouraging a better understanding of the issues caused in certain parts of the world by its shortage World Water Week are to be commended. As we’ve all been encouraged to wash our hands more and for longer during the coronavirus pandemic I hope we all appreciate the easy availability of water more”

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