Healthy Investment has a long and distinguished history of investing its members' money ethically. It's what we have been doing for the last 185 years.

We've launched a major review of not just how we invest our members’ money ethically but how our ethical approach to doing business impacts our members, our colleagues and the wider community.

We really want to know what they thought about our approach to ethics, how we can do things differently and what was important to them.

Here are the results of the survey.
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A. 86% of respondents said that it was important or very important.

What more should we do?

We asked if there were other activities that should be excluded. There were many mentioned, with animal testing and activities reducing the impact of climate change being the most popular.

We also asked our members’ views on adopting a more active approach by investing in companies that have a good environmental and socially responsible track record, whilst continuing to exclude those companies that do harm.

88% of respondents agreed the we should with 12% preferring the existing approach.

When asked about the sectors that we should invest in, members were overwhelmingly keen that we invested in companies primarily involved in sustainable energy and environmental sustainability with investment in low emission transport also favoured.

We tested opinions on the impact on financial returns of a more active approach to investing in socially responsible industries. Whilst 19% thought that it may reduce the investment return a little with 6% more concerned, around 50% felt that it would improve their return over the medium to long term.

Just a few more of the comments we received

“I am a very small investor but am really glad that my money can potentially do more good than harm to the planet and its occupants”.

“Very impressed with Healthy Investment and hope it continues to operate as an ethical company”.

“I trust you to continue making ethical investments and have always been pleased with the returns I have received. That’s why I have money with you”.

“Although a good return is important I value the core values of ethical investing in all our futures”.

“Ethical factors are significant for many people including myself when deciding about investments and which organisations to support”.

Peter Green, Chief Executive said; “ We have always avoided investment in companies that are directly involved in socially harmful industries.  Based on the results of this survey it is clear that members also want their money to make an active contribution to creating a better world, particularly in the field of environmental sustainability”.

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