ISA for your future

An ISA for your future

(and everyone else’s as well)

The Ethical ISA from Healthy Investment has been specially designed to meet the needs of those looking for a cautious ethical investment.

With no early withdrawal charges the Ethical ISA gives investors the freedom and flexibility to invest for their future.

The ISA invests in the Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund which includes a mix of stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, commercial properties and bank deposits, all actively managed to maximise the potential returns.

Peter Green, Chief Executive of the Society explained, ‘we know that more and more people are looking for investment opportunities and investment products where they know their money won’t be used to harm others.’

Ethical investing has become much more popular with research suggesting that over the last 5 years the amount invested in ethical funds has grown from £176 billion to over £266 billion.

Peter added ‘Whilst there are many ethical funds available for investors many of them are high risk. Positive screening often leads to investments in new technologies and smaller companies which by their very nature can result in investors taking much more risk than they intended.’

The Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund only invests in companies that can demonstrate responsible business practices and doesn’t invest in industries that cause harm to others. That means avoiding investments in alcohol, tobacco and arms manufactures and pornography and gambling providers.

Peter added ‘whilst negative screening might not be considered to be at the fore front of ethical investing it provides an opportunity to invest in a more cautious fund that includes a wide of range of assets. ‘

Find out more about the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA here.

  • No early withdrawal charges
  • Minimum monthly investment of £25 and lump sum of £500
  • Cautious ethical fund
  • Capital and bonus guarantees on key anniversaries
  • Flexible additional investments of £25 or more
  • No commitment to a minimum or maximum term
  • Capital guarantee on death

Due to the tax advantage of an ISA you can only invest in one Stocks and Shares ISA in any one tax year and the government limits investments in ISAs to £20,000 per tax year.

The Healthy Investment Ethical ISA grows through the annual bonuses that are added. Once a bonus has been added it can never be taken away.

Bonus rates can change every year as they depend on the investment performance of the Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund and other factors.

The Healthy Investment Ethical ISA should be seen as a medium to long term investment.

For more information on the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA you can contact our membership team on 0161 762 5790 or by email

Healthy Investment is a mutual society which means that we are here just for the interest and benefit of our members. They are at the forefront of all our product and services developments.

Investing with Healthy investment is simple. You can complete an application form to open a new Healthy Investment Ethical ISA online or by phone in just a few minutes.

ISA Application Form

You can transfer an existing cash ISA or an existing stocks and shares ISA to the Healthy Investment Ethical ISA by completing a simple form.

ISA Transfer Application Form

Or you can speak to one of our membership team for more information or if you have any questions.

0161 762 5760.

If you are thinking about investing in a stocks and shares ISA you should remember that:

The value of stock and bond market investments can rise and fall.

Past performance and past bonus rates are not a guide to future bonus rates.

The Healthy Investment ISA is a cautious investment however you may not be able to get back as much as you invested, especially in the early years, if the value of investments in the Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund have fallen and we are not able to smooth the ups and downs of investment values and we have to apply a market value reduction.

Healthy Investment guarantees that on the 10th anniversary of opening the Ethical ISA you are guaranteed to get back everything you have invested plus all of the bonuses added less any withdrawals you have made.

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