If you already have ISAs with other providers you can transfer them into a Healthy Investment Ethical ISA. You  can transfer a cash ISA with a bank or building society to take advantage of the potential  for better returns. You can transfer a unit-linked ISA to Healthy Investment to reduce your risk of being affected by stock market volatility.

Transferring an ISA is simple as we contact your existing provider to arrange the transfer.

Regular bonuses

The amount you invest increases in value through the annual bonuses that are added to your investment. You start to earn bonuses from the day that you invest with us and if you withdraw from your ISA part way through a year you will get a bonus for the time your money has been invested.

Once a regular bonus has been added to your policy it can never be taken away. Bonus rates can change every year and in exceptional circumstances there could be no bonus.

This table shows the recent annual bonuses added to our ISA. (The rate shown is the return received after all charges have been deducted).

2019 – 2.50%

2018 – 2.25%

2017 – 3.00%

2016 – 2.75%

2015 – 2.75%

Until the 2020 bonus is declared the interim bonus applying to any withdrawals from 1 January 2020 is 2.0%.

Past bonus rates are not a guide to future bonus rates.

When you withdraw from your Healthy Investment Ethical ISA you might also receive a final bonus to further increase the amount you receive. Final bonuses are not guaranteed and can change at any time, they depend on investment performance during the year you are withdrawing.

With-profits that works

The Healthy Investment Ethical ISA is a With-profits investment. The money you invest is invested in our Ethical With-profits Fund. We invest this in a wide range of different assets including stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, commercial property and bank deposits, all actively managed to maximise the potential returns within an agreed cautious risk appetite.

The value of these investments can rise and fall. We aim to smooth out these rises and falls so that you are not experiencing the day to day ups and downs of the stock and bond markets and provide you with a consistent investment return. You should however be aware that this smoothing will not protect you against long term substantial falls in the value of investments, which means that you might not in these circumstances be able to get all of your investment back.

An ethical investment

Formed in 1835 Healthy Investment has a long history of being an ethical provider of ethical savings and investment products. Sustainable and responsible ethical investing is at the heart of all of our investment decisions.

Your money is invested in companies whose activities benefit society and the environment and that uphold the highest standards of business ethics. We avoid companies or sectors that have a poor human rights record or fail to recognise their environmental responsibilities.

Our Ethical With-profits Fund does not invest directly in alcohol, tobacco and arms industries or gambling and pornography providers.

Added reassurance

Life cover is provided as part of the ISA. If you die whilst you have money invested in the ISA we guarantee to pay out at least what you invested, plus any bonuses that have already been added less any withdrawals you have made.  This life cover is  important, especially for older investors.

As an insurance based investment product there is no limit to the amount of cover the Financial Services Compensation Scheme provides unlike deposits with banks or building societies where it is currently limited to £85,000 an individual.

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Whilst Healthy Investment can’t give financial advice on the suitability of any savings or investment product for personal circumstances and attitude to risk, our dedicated membership team can answer your questions. You can telephone free on 0161 762 5790 or email us at

If in any doubt about the suitability of any product you should contact your financial adviser.

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