Ownership of dogs has risen dramatically during the last 18 months as people realise what a great help they can be for lowering stress levels, reducing anxiety and helping us exercise more. It’s known that having a dog benefits our mental health and wellbeing, something that has constantly been in the news over recent months. Dogs are great companions, loyal and faithful and have been found to have a calming and soothing effect on our levels of stress.

The results of recent scientific studies have validated these facts and when pets are allowed a presence in the workplace the results can show increased productivity and job satisfaction leading to greater team co-operation and better employee morale. Overall the outcome has been seen to be a happier workforce and a more productive one.

Whilst Bring Your Dog To Work Day can be seen as just a bit of fun and applies to only a specific day of the year the ever increasing number of organisations who now allow their employees to bring their pooches to the workplace throughout the year is testament to the benefits. The companionship that a dog brings to a persons life helps boost self-confidence and brings increased structure to their daily routine assisting in lowering anxiety levels and leading to better mental health.

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