Investing for your Child

Why you should invest for your children

All parents want to do all they can to help make their children's future as comfortable os possible. We offer a range of ethical savings and investments products for children that will help you to do just that - from our Junior ISA, our Child Trust Fund, our Child Savings Plans and our Investment Bond.

Junior ISA

Our stocks and shares Junior ISA is a great way of investing for children and young people. Anyone can put money into them, but they can only be opened by a parent or guardian, or by the child if they are 16 and over.

It’s a With-profits investment that grows through the regular bonuses that are added. They’ll also get important capital and bonus guarantees, so if the investment is withdrawn on key anniversaries the child is guaranteed to receive all of the investments and bonuses.

Child Trust Funds

We provide a Stakeholder Child Trust Fund and an Ethical Child Trust Fund for children born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 3 January 2011. We’re also one of the only providers who will allow you to top up your Child Trust Fund online.

Investing in our Ethical Child Trust Fund means you won’t put your money into companies in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries and gambling and pornography providers.

Child Savings Plans

If you want to save for your children more regularly, then our range of regular savings plans, including Friendly Society Tax Exempt Savings Plans, commit you to saving a little and often.

Committing to investing a small amount on a regular basis is a good way of building a cash sum for your children.

Investment Bond

Our Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond is an easy and affordable way to start investing. Get started with just £500 - there are no age restrictions so it’s the perfect way to invest for kids - and the investment can be made by anyone (a parent, grandparent or family friend).

If you’re investing in a Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond for a child, we’ll need to have the signature of the child's parent or guardian on the application form.

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