Our commitment to support young people with a learning difficulty

Tens of thousands of children who are disabled have been left unable to access funds at 18 because of overcomplicated rules that have made it costly and time consuming for parents and guardians to gain access to savings, particularly smaller amounts.

Under current rules, those responsible for children who don’t have the mental capacity to manage their own money must apply to the Court of Protection to access the funds. This can cost hundreds of pounds and take many months to arrange.

Because of these concerns, the Government is consulting on a system that seeks to ease the burden. The new process could allow withdrawals and payments of up to £2,500.

We support the streamlining of the process, but it will take time and could come too late for many families. In the meantime, we have decided to adopt a more flexible approach that could allow money to be released, without the need to adopt the usual Court of Protection process. Each case is different, but in some circumstances it may be possible to release the funds and we will do this by reference to the documents and identification that may already be available.

If affected by this please don’t hesitate to contact one of our CTF specialists on 0161 762 5790 or by email at

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