Introducer Commission

As an introducer to Healthy Investment you will receive a commission for all introductions that result in a sale. Commission is paid promptly, and we’ll keep you up to date on how your introduction is progressing. For regular premium ISAs and JISAs commission is paid monthly.

Commission rates
Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond
2.1% of the investment

1.4% of the investment or regular premium

Junior ISA
2.1% of the investment or regular premium

Tax Exempt & Standard Savings Plans
20% of the first year’s premiums

Commission clawback
100% clawback of commission for policies cancelled and investments withdrawn in first year.

For investors in our Guaranteed Anniversary Bonus Bond over the age of 80 special terms apply:

100% clawback of commission for investments withdrawn or cancelled within 12 months, including client death.

50% clawback of commission for investments withdrawn or cancelled within second year, including client death.

The relevant date for clawback on death is the date of death not on payment of the claim or conclusion of winding up of the estate.

Commission is paid on new money invested with the Society. For clarification, if the source of the investment is the reinvestment of money withdrawn within the previous 6 months, commission is only payable on amounts above the money previously withdrawn. If the withdrawal took place more than 6 months ago, the whole investment is treated as new money.

Commission is payable on the reinvestment of the proceeds of matured savings plans.

Payment is made direct to your nominated bank or building society account. As introducing is a non-regulated activity this can be your firm or your personal account. We do a weekly commission run. Where the commission payable is less than £5 this will be rolled over until your next payment.

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