March 8th is International Women’s Day. The ultimate aim of this annual event is to celebrate the achievements of women throughout the world and to seek to change perceptions and views to ensure a truly gender equal world in all aspects of life.

2021 see’s the event taking place under the banner of Dare To Challenge. By challenging typical stereotypes the hope is that this will lead to a permanent change in attitudes to women and further progress towards full gender equality.

Whilst in recent years there has been significant progress achieved towards this goal there is still significant work to be done.

Gender inequality occurs in many if not all, aspects of life, from personal and home life, work and corporate business through to matters of finance.

Finance is an area of particular interest to Peter Green, Chief Executive of Healthy Investment the Bury based friendly society. “When it comes to money matters then this is something that affects everyone, irrespective of their gender. The days of the male in the household holding the purse strings are long since gone and women now play an ever increasing role in financial considerations. Everyone deals with money, that is an unavoidable fact of life, so financial equality if something that we at Healthy Investment fully endorse. As an aside the organisation recently appointed two new non executive directors both of whom are female and are extremely experienced in the financial marketplace, they were simply the best two candidates for the positions. We are fully supportive of International Women’s Day and the goals for which it stands.”

Women are fast becoming more knowledgeable and confident in money matters and research shows that they are at least equal to men when it comes to investing, click here for more background information. Companies are realising the advantage of appointing women as board directors and the subject of Women and Money has attracted the interest of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who have funded research into this subject ( visit the website here )

Overall good progress is being made but there are still various myths and falsehoods that need to be dispelled in order to achieve the target of full gender equality in the area of finance. An interesting article on this very subject can be read online

For further information on International Women’s Day, it’s aims and ambitions please visit the website here.