Open a Junior ISA today and help to shape the world we live in

Sustainable and responsible ethical investing is firmly at the heart of all of our investment decisions.
Our professional investment managers actively seek to invest in companies whose activities benefit society and the environment and uphold the highest standards of business ethics.
We avoid companies or sectors that have a poor human rights record or fail to recognise their environmental responsibilities and those that are involved in certain industries and activities that our members have said are not consistent with their personal values.

Give your child a good start in life and help them on their financial journey.

Your Junior ISA

The Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares Junior ISA is invested in our Ethical With-profits Fund which has a diversified mix of assets including stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, commercial property and some cash deposits. With a history of almost 200 years of experience in ethical investing we cater for the growing number of investors seeking to combine investing for a financial return with a positive contribution to the environment.

Fund Objectives

The aim of the fund is to provide a consistent return by smoothing the investment return to avoid volatile fluctuations in the value of the investment. This smoothing may not protect against long term or sustained falls in the value of investments but has already proved to be a valuable feature during the current turmoil in investment markets. In 2019 the annual bonus after all charges had been deducted was 2.25% and the current interim bonus in 2020 is 1.85%.*

Capital and Growth Guarantees

The Healthy Investment Stocks and Shares Junior ISA comes with a 100% capital and growth guarantee at age 18 on all investments that have been held for 5 years or more, unlike direct stock market or unit-linked investments which can rise or fall in value at any time.

A Mutual Society

Healthy Investment is an independent mutual friendly society. There are no shareholders to satisfy or benefit from your investment. Everything we do is for the benefit of our members who all share in our success through personal service and attractive investment performance.

Flexible Saving

Junior ISAs can be opened by parents or legal guardians of children under 16, and once open anyone can invest in them for the benefit of the child.

Savings Options

Tax free regular savings or lump sum investment options (up to £9,000 this tax year) or transfer an existing Junior ISA, up to any amount, to Healthy Investment with no loss of annual ISA allowance.

**Your Choice of a £50 voucher when you open a new Ethical Junior ISA

Marks & Spencer/John Lewis/National Garden Centre/Ethical Superstore

To claim use voucher JISA20-FB01 when applying. Terms and Conditions apply.


Financial Terms Explained

Sometimes financial organisations use terms than can be confusing.
Below are some of these terms. Just click for an explanation.

If you need to know any more details then please call one of our team on 0161 762 5790 and they will be only too pleased to help.

*Important Information

Unlike cash ISAs, the value of stocks and shares ISAs can fall as well as rise and past performance is not a guide to future performance. However our Healthy Investment Junior ISA provides 100% capital and growth guarantees on key anniversaries and aims to provide a consistent return on your investment and reduce the impact of short term stock market fluctuations.

If the value of investments has fallen to the extent that we are not able to smooth out these market fluctuations and you do not withdraw your investment on one of the guaranteed capital and growth anniversaries you may get back less than you have invested.

When an annual bonus has been added to your Junior ISA the rate of bonus is guaranteed, however interim bonus rates can change during the year.

If you are not sure that this Junior ISA is suitable for you then you should consider independent advice. Tax rules can change in the future.

**Terms and Conditions

The application must meet or exceed a minimum monthly amount of £25 or single investment of £500.

If the policy is closed within the cooling off period no voucher will be issued.

The Society reserves the right to deduct the value of the voucher from the surrender value if the ISA is withdrawn within the first 12 months of the investment.

Healthy Investment and HMRC ISA rules apply.

Healthy Investment is the promoter of this offer.

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