Your clients may want to have all their investments in one place so they’re easier to manage. Perhaps they want to transfer an existing cash ISA with a bank or building society to take advantage of the potential for better returns. Or they may want to transfer a unit-linked ISA to reduce the risk of being affected by stock market volatility.

Our easy to use ISA transfer service could be just what is needed.

Transferring an ISA is simple as we contact any existing providers to arrange the transfer.

As an insurance based investment product with Healthy Investment there is no limit to the amount of cover the Financial Services Compensation Scheme provides unlike deposits with banks, building societies or some investment companies where it is currently limited to £85,000 an individual.

Regular bonuses

This table shows the recent annual bonuses added to our ISA. (The rate shown is the return received after all charges have been deducted)

2019 – 2.50%
2018 – 2.25%
2017 – 3.00%
2016 – 2.75%
2015 – 2.75%

Until the 2020 bonus is declared the interim bonus applying to any withdrawals from 1 January 2020 is 2.0%.

With-profits that works

The Healthy Investment Ethical ISA is a With-profits investment. The money is invested in our Ethical With-profits Fund. We invest this in a wide range of different assets including stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, commercial property and bank deposits, all actively managed to maximise the potential returns within an agreed cautious risk appetite.

Whilst the value of these investments can rise and fall, we aim to smooth out the rises and falls so that they do not experience the day to day ups and downs of the stock and bond markets and provide  a consistent investment return.

An ethical investment

Formed in 1835 Healthy Investment has a long history of being an ethical provider of ethical savings and investment products. Sustainable and responsible ethical investing is at the heart of all of our investment decisions.

Your client’s money is invested in companies whose activities benefit society and the environment and that uphold the highest standards of business ethics. We avoid companies or sectors that have a poor human rights record or fail to recognise their environmental responsibilities.

Our Ethical With-profits Fund does not invest directly in alcohol, tobacco and arms industries or gambling and pornography providers.

Added reassurance

Life cover is provided as part of the ISA. On death we guarantee to pay out at least what has been invested, plus any bonuses that have already been added less any withdrawals.  We find that this life cover is important, especially for older investors.

Your advice fees can be facilitated.

The initial charge can be deducted prior to the investment being made with the initial investment on the Policy Schedule being the amount after the fee has been deducted.

Alternatively we are also able to make an immediate withdrawal from the investment for your initial fee, if this option is chosen the Policy Schedule will show the gross amount.

The initial fee can be expressed as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the investment. You can also arrange to have a fixed amount or a percentage of the fund value deducted on an annual or monthly basis.

To discuss this in detail please call 0161 762 5790 to speak to Sam or Mark in our business development team or email them at

For use by financial advisers only. Not for use with clients.

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