Bike Week is delivered by Cycling UK and is an annual celebration of the benefits of cycling for both the individual and for the environment as a whole.

With the current situation of Coronavirus continuing, the Government’s policy of encouraging people to either cycle or walk to work to avoid any potential problems and overuse of public transport makes Bike Week more relevant than ever this year.

Peter Green, Chief Executive of Healthy Investment, explains “ Healthy Investment’s ethical investment policy and encouragement of environmental issues in general, makes our support for Bike Week a perfect fit with these established policies. As we hopefully start to see an end of, or at least a relaxation of, the strict Government guidelines imposed on the population, the advice for people to cycle or walk to work wherever possible gives Bike Week a further impetus this year.

There are many health benefits associated with exercise and with cycling in particular. Reducing the use of motor transport as a means of business travel obviously has beneficial effects on the environment for all of us. The old adage of “get on your bike” now takes on a totally different meaning.”

A few of the proven positive effects of cycling are;

  • Cycling to work can mean you have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • If you cycle regularly in adulthood, you will enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger
  • If all cycle journeys increased from the current level of 2% to 25% by 2050, the collective benefit would be £248bn

For more information on Bike Week and the improvements that cylcling can make to many aspects of your life visit the officlal site at

Whilst a number of Healthy Investments products are tax efficient the buying of a bicycle can also be tax efficient when the purchase is made under the Governments Cycle To Work Scheme. To see how this works visit

Employers wishing to implement this tax efficient scheme for their employees can find further information in this booklet;

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