Ethical Unit-linked Child Trust Fund

The purpose of the fund is to provide capital growth over the longer term. Healthy Investment's Ethical Unit-linked Life Fund for Child Trust Funds and continuation ISAs invests primarily (between 80 and 90%) in a mix of UK and global equities, with additional investments in government and corporate bonds, alternative investments, including real estate investment trusts and listed infrastructure projects and cash deposits.

The fund managers take an ethical approach to investing and aim to explicitly incorporate social, governance and environmental considerations into their investment strategy and stock selection decisions.

The Healthy Investment Ethical Unit-Linked Life Fund does not invest your child’s money in companies that cause harm. There are no investments in companies involved solely in coal mining, manufacturers of controversial weapons and companies who consistently fail to maintain the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

We are and have been throughout our long history committed to never investing directly in alcohol, arms, and tobacco industries and gambling and pornography providers. Where we use collective investments to gain exposure to a market or market index that it would be difficult to achieve through direct investments, we ensure that no more than 0.25% of the With-profits Fund is not invested in any one of these industries