Junior ISA

A tax free payment

Our Junior ISA gives you the chance to talk to your clients about how they’re planning for their child’s financial future - and how you can help ensure that they receive a tax-free cash sum when they turn 18. They can start out with an investment of just £10 and make single or monthly investments, there’s no set period and payments can be changed at any time.

Stocks and shares

Our With-profits Junior ISA is a stocks and shares investment - we invest it in the Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund. It’s a carefully managed fund that includes stocks and shares, company and government bonds, commercial property and bank deposits. The money that your clients put away now will grow through the regular bonuses that we add to the investment every year. (Remember though that bonus rates aren’t guaranteed, and can change every year).

A guaranteed return

Wouldn’t it be great to offer your client’s child a guaranteed, tax-free payout when they turn 18? Well, with our Junior ISA that’s what they get - for all investments held over 5 years, we guarantee they will receive all of the money that has been invested, plus all the bonuses that have been added. They may also receive a final bonus. For investments held for less than 5 years at age 18, we make this same promise on the 5th anniversary of every investment.

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Only a parent or guardian of a child under 16 can open a Junior ISA, but once it’s open anyone can make more investments. Once they’re over 16 they can even open their own Junior ISA.
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Your client’s child can only have one cash and one stocks and shares Junior ISA, so it’s important that you help parents to choose carefully which best suits their needs.
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The Junior ISA is an easy way to grow a cash sum that will be really appreciated when the child turns 18. Your clients can make regular payments, or one off payments - for example when their child gets birthday or Christmas money.

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We provide both Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs, so if you’d like to discuss transferring a CTF to a Junior ISA, just let us know. We can’t offer advice, but we’d be happy to talk through the differences with you.

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Important Points

Available to any UK resident under the age of 18, who does not have a Child Trust Fund.

Junior ISAs can only be opened by parents or guardians of children under 16, but once open anyone can invest in them for the benefit of the child.

If the child is between 16 and 18 they can open one themselves.

You might consider this Junior ISA if your client already has savings for them in a bank or building society and are now looking to put some money in to an investment that has some risk but the potential for higher returns.

Invest up to £9,000 (2023/24 tax year) by adding a monthly amount or a single investment (both a minimum of £10).

If your client's child has a Junior ISA with another provider the parent of that child can transfer this into a Healthy Investment stocks and shares Junior ISA without affecting their current Junior ISA tax year allowance.

The regisered contact can transfer an existing Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA.

You should see this Junior ISA as a medium to long term investment.

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