Child Savings Plans

Of course, many of your clients will want to find ways to save for the future for their children or grandkids - and we have a range of regular savings plans, including friendly society Tax Exempt Savings Plans, to help them do just that. They commit them to putting a modest amount by regularly and they also guarantee a minimum amount when the policy matures (as long as they’ve kept up the contributions). All of our Child Savings Plans allow your clients to decide how long they want to save for - they pick the date they want it to mature.

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

As a friendly society we’re able to offer children’s Tax Exempt Savings Plans that allow your clients to take advantage of an additional government tax free savings allowance. It’s the ideal way to save for the children they care about and we also include guaranteed minimum returns and life cover. They can also decide what age they want the child to receive their pay out.

Savings Plan

If your clients are looking to save more than £25 a month for a child, then one of our Standard Savings Plans is ideal. They will still get a guaranteed minimum return when the plan matures, as well as life cover. Our Standard Savings Plans are the perfect way to build up a bigger cash sum that will provide a welcome helping hand when your client’s kids are starting out in adult life.

Tax Exempt Savings Plan (without life cover)

Only friendly societies are able to take advantage of the government tax break for people who want to invest up to £25 a month for the children who matter most in their lives. This version of our popular plan comes without life cover.