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We offer a range of ethical savings and investment products for children and adults.

Here, you can find out more about them and how they may be of benefit to you and your clients.

With the exception of our Child Trust Funds all our products are With-profits policies that give the investor an exposure to stocks and shares, as well as guarantees on the amount they receive.

All of our With-profits investments can be used to collect your adviser charges, either as an initial payment or on an ongoing basis.


Start investing up to £20,000 every tax year in a stocks and shares ISA. We’re one of the very few providers who offer a With-profits ISA - and we also help your clients to save for the next generation with our Junior ISAs too.

ISAs are a great way to invest for the future without paying tax on the return clients get from their investment. Your clients will need to be a UK resident and over 18 to invest in one of our stocks and shares ISAs - but we also have Junior ISAs available for children who don’t have a Child Trust Fund.

Investment Bond

Our Investment Bond is an affordable way to invest – your clients will only need £2,000 to start out. It’s a great way to invest in stocks and shares, government and corporate bonds, property, and cash deposits, while smoothing the investment return they receive.

The low minimum investment in the Healthy Investment Bond makes it a real alternative to bank or building society accounts if they’re looking for a longer term investment. Your clients can invest up to £1,000,000.

Adult Savings Plans

If an ISA isn’t right for your clients, then our ethical savings plans offer a great alternative. Each offers their own tax advantages - we offer a Tax Exempt Savings Plan, a Standard Savings Plan and a Tax Exempt Savings Plan (without life cover).

These Tax Exempt Savings Plans are unique to friendly societies and offer a guaranteed minimum cash sum when they mature (as long as all of the relevant contributions have been paid)

Child Savings Plans

If your client wants to save for a child more regularly, then our range of regular savings plans, including friendly society Tax Exempt Savings Plans, commit them to saving a little and often.

There’ll be a guaranteed minimum amount when the policy matures, (as long as they’ve maintained the contributions) and they can decide when they want it to mature too. It’s a great way to build a cash sum.

Junior ISA

Our stocks and shares Junior ISA is a great way of investing for children and young people. Anyone can invest in them, but they can only be opened by a parent or guardian, or by the child if they are 16 and over.

It’s a With-profits investment - meaning that it grows through the regular bonuses that are added. Your client will also get important capital and bonus guarantees meaning that if the investment is withdrawn on key anniversaries the child's capital and growth is guaranteed.

Child Trust Fund

We’re proud to provide a Stakeholder Child Trust Fund and an Ethical Child Trust Fund for children born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 3 January 2011. We’re also one of the only providers who will allow your clients to top up their Child Trust Fund online.

Investing in our Ethical Child Trust Fund means that they won’t put their money into companies in alcohol, arms and tobacco industries or gambling and pornography providers.

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