Ethical With-profits Fund

Healthy Investment’s Ethical With-profits Fund aims to provide your clients with steady growth through a single managed fund over the medium to long term, whilst smoothing out the fluctuations in investment markets.

It offers investors a way to invest and save for their future in an ethical and cautious With-profits Fund which allows them to invest in a mix of different assets including government and company bonds, UK and global shares, commercial property and cash deposits, which might be difficult to achieve as a direct individual investor.

We are, and have been throughout our long history, committed to never investing directly in alcohol, arms, and tobacco industries and gambling and pornography providers. Where we use collective investments to gain exposure to a market or market index that it would be difficult to achieve through direct investments, we ensure that no more than 0.25% of the With-profits Fund is invested in any one of these industries.

There are no investments in firms exclusively mining coal, manufacturing controversial weapons and regular offenders of the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

We seek to invest in companies that demonstrate good environmental, social and governance standards.

Our vision is to invest for a better future, deliver good financial returns and make a difference to society and the environment.

Investing with Healthy Investment means we actively seek the right managers for your investment. Our new partners, Legal and General Investment Managers, were selected for their investment expertise, ability to influence the standards companies maintain and the alignment of their values with those of our members.

The Healthy Investment Ethical With-profits Fund invests in assets which may rise or fall in value, and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.