A Proud History

Mutual, Friendly, Modern.

Our society was forged in the white heat of the industrial revolution - a time when the world was transformed, but also a lot of people were left behind. Many factory workers found themselves living in extreme poverty, and some spent what little money they had on cheap alcohol.

This desperate time saw the birth of friendly societies in the north west - small, mutual groups that were formed to help those local people who were financially vulnerable, at a time when there was no welfare state to support them. Our society was a key part of that movement, and it’s a history that we are hugely proud of.

Why? Because this history defines who we are today. We’re a mutual friendly society, formed by and for the benefit of our members. It’s how we’ve always been - and how we always will be, because we believe in doing the right thing, by our people and by our communities.

Mutual, Friendly, Modern. We believe that these words really do mean something, in any age.


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